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We do not move vehicles in other parking spaces, in the streets or even worse in the fields.
Our staff is highly qualified, we have "garagisti" that carry out parking manoeuvres with precision millimeter and not "autisti" more or less improvised that move the cars from the garage to other places distant also Km and without the necessary preparation and competence.
Garage Ponte Vecchio, opened in 1952 has always been managed uninterruptedly from our family with dedication, attachment and high professionalism.
We are maniacs as well as for how we park vehicles, also for the management of the Limited Traffic Zone, checking the plates several times.
The registration of the plate for access to Limited Traffic Zone is carried out with care and rechecked out, but despite all attentions, not being infallible, every tant(issimo) escapes the error: a C instead of a G, a reversal of numbers, represent the main errors. We are the most "virtuous" parking lot (and by far); for failure to register (usually attributable problem due to technical error of line or server), our percentage of error is of 0.0047%; for errors in the plate type, it 0.03%.
"British" numbers. To give a concrete idea, just think that the Eurostar train on the Florence/Rome route that runs in 1 hour and 32 minutes, "will delay" of 0.259 seconds, or 259 thousandths of a second, while the flight Rome/New York which is made in 9 hours and 35 minutes, would accumulate a delay of 1 second and 621 thousandths. A particle of light that in a second travels 299.792.458 mt and that could turn around the Earth almost 7,48 times in a second, or make a full round every 0.13 seconds; with this percentage (0.0047%) would arrive only in the nearby Pontassieve, distant in line of air about 14 Km.
With the percentages of "errors" (0.03%) the train would have a delay 1,656 sec., while the plane of 10 seconds and 35 cents. The particle of light would barely arrive at the Forte dei Marmi (90 km in the air line). This makes us and by far the most attentive and "virtuous" parking lot of Florence.