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  1. The regulation is visible and consultable by all; besides being exposed is also visionable on the website www.garagepontevecchio.it
  • Failure to accept, even partial to one or more of the regulations by the customer, involves the impossibility to park the vehicle and the immediate exit from the garage.
  • The garage only exercises the vehicle's custody.
  • There are no removable items (including hourglass key rings), which are not expressly left in custody to the garage staff. Telephones, cameras, cameras, computers, suitcases, bags, valuables etc. I'm not in custody. At the request of the customer can be delivered to our staff who will deposit them in appropriate place.
  • It is forbidden to anyone to leave explosive, chemical, radioactive, toxic substances, narcotics, firearms and cutting weapons in the vehicle.
  • It is forbidden to leave animals of any kind and size in the vehicle.
  • The cutting that is delivered at the entrance is the only valid document to carry out the withdrawal of the vehicle.
  • For reasons of P.S. and fire prevention, all vehicles must be left open with the keys inserted.
  • Any type of alarm and/or mechanical and/or electronic alarm, including satellite, and any device that prevents the free movement of the vehicle, must be taxed off.
  • Any expense resulting from the failure to deliver the keys and/or the impossibility to move the vehicle to activate mechanical or electronic anti-theft systems (such as the need to call a tool carriage to remove and/or move the car), will be fully charged to the customer.
  • The time of the garage is exposed, however, the customer is obliged to inform himself about the opening and closing times of the garage, on the public holidays and on the custom and uses in force.
  • Vehicles are not returned or accepted during the closing time.
  • In the event that the emergency opening of the garage is required during the closing time, remaining the absolute discretion of the garage to deliver or not the vehicle, it may be required for the extraordinary opening a figure between 50 € and 100 € for the service.
  • The garage rates are exposed and can be consulted.
  • The direction of the garage does not respond to any damage to the vehicles if at the time of the deposit the state of integrity of the vehicle is not recorded to the maneuvering staff.
  • During the parking phases and throughout the parking space, for operational reasons, the vehicle windows can be left open and closed mirrors.
  • The garage does not respond to any technical anomalies such as holes, various faults and/or accidental vehicle.
  • Once the customer has exited with his vehicle from the garage, without having challenged any damage and without having manifested complaints, the direction of the garage does not answer any kind of charge.