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Prices from from 8€ for the first hour and 5€ for each next or partial hour until reaching 30 € (Smart fortwo and similar) covering up to 24 hours actual parking all included, also the Limited Traffic Zone fee.
On 01/01/2023 are present in the main lists of major automobile manufacturers, 493 models with 7,005 sets.
In the only historical archive of Four-wheelers, are present 67 automotive industries with 1.716 models and 104,628 sets.
A multitude of models and versions, which also confuse to the same professionals ....
To get an idea:
The VW Golf, one of the most representative and sold vehicles, was born in 1974 (almost 50 years ago) and had dimensions of 3,71 mt x 1,61 mt x 1,40 mt height, practically "identical" for size to that of today's Panda (3,69 mt x 1,67 mt x 1,61 mt height, but when "water" in 1980 was 3,38 mt x 1,46 mt x 1,44 mt height).
The second series 1983 it grew to 3,99/4,26 mt x 1,67/1,71 mt x 1,40/1,56 mt height.
The third series 1991 reached 4,02/4,34 mt x 1,70 mt x 1,40/1,43 mt height.
The Fourth series of 1997 reached 4,08/4,41 mt x 1,68/1,74 mt x 1,40/1,49 mt height.
The Fifth series 2003 reached 4,20/4,56 mt x 1,76/1,78 mt x 1,47/1,65 mt height.
The Sixth Series 2008 reached 4,20/4,53 mt x 1,76/1,79 mt x 1,41/1,51 mt height.
The Seventh Series 2012 reached 4,26/4,58 mt x 1,79/1,80 mt x 1,44/1,52 mt height.
The eighth series of 2019 reached 4,28/4,30 mt x 1,79 mt x 1,46/1,49 mt height.
After 49 years, he continues to call himself "GOLF" but it is "cresciuta" of 59 cm, it has widened of 18 cm and has risen of 9 cm (with tips of 15 cm).
The same "Bibbia" of the vehicles, that is the authoritative Four-wheelers (on line version) tried to group vehicles by unifying them as:
1) City Car; 2) Berlina; 3) Cabrio; 4) Coupe; 5) Station Wagon; 6) Monovolume; 7) Suv and Offroad.
The subdivision is shared and represents the natural evolution of the offer in the automotive landscape, but regarding the classification that determines the "price" of the parking, unfortunately does not reflect our needs.
To make a very banal example and only to quote exclusively the Current vehicles present in the list Four-wheelers of January 2023, the "BERLINA" Category, groups the ZD D2s (15.900 € - 2,81 m x 1,5 mt) and the Rolls Royce Ghost (325.000 € - 5,72 mt x 1,98 mt); the category "CABRIO" group the Fiat 500 (20.300 € - 3.57 mt x 1,63 mt) and the Pagani Huayra (3.763.700 € - 4.61 mt x 2,04 mt); the category "SUV & FUORISTRADA" group the Dacia Duster (14.350 € - 4,34 mt x 1,80 mt) and the Lamborghini Ursus (232.489 € - 5, the category "CITYCAR" group the Kia Picanto (14.100 € - 3,60 mt x 1,63 mt and the Romeo Ferraris FatFive cabrio (59.704 € - 3,67 mt x 1,89 mt).
In the paper version, Four-wheelers proceed differently, subdividing vehicles into:
1) City Car; 2) Compact; 3) Medium; 4) Great; 5) Superiors; 6) Coupe and Cabrio; 7) Suv Compact; 8) Suv Medie; 9) Big Suv; 10) Superior Suv; 11) Monovolume; 12) Multispace.
Twelve versions for paper size and seven versions for online format.
We personally prefer the grouping chosen in the paper version, more homogeneous and respectful in the allocation of categories in relation to the "dimensions" and/or the "value" of the vehicle, although due to a shared choice of space, Four-wheelers indicates only the best-selling models for each category and always, in some cases, a sort of "promicity" that sees for example grouped in usual category (Coupe and Cabrio), the Fiat 500 (17,800 €) and Porsche 911 (241.956 €).
And also in this detailed subdivision, it is not contemplated the fact that certain vehicles with carriages and identical dimensions, due to particular installations and/or motorizations, suffer a price increase also of more than double regarding the base model (BMW 316 d 48v – 46.400 € and BMW M3 Competition X Drive – 110.000 €, or Fiat 500 – 17.800 € and Romeo Ferraris FatFive - 69.223 €, and again, Mini 3 p Cooper essential 27.300 € and Mini 3 p JCW 47.500 €, VW Golf 1.0 TSI 28.400 € and VW Golf 2.0 TSI R 64.000 €).
Fuorviante would appear, even on a mere dimensional comparison, a Dacia Jogger (4,55 mt) that has a price of 17.600 € that is comparable for (sun) size to a Porsche 911 (4,52 mt) that however has a cost of almost 14 times greater than 241.956 €, or a Opel Corsa 3 p (4,06 mt) 18.650 € and a BMW I 3,
Categories equivalent, but also differ exponentially for prices, characteristics, performance; or similar dimensions, but with costs even fourteen times higher. A real jungle (asphalt).
Simplifying and going to tops, it is intuitive that the price of parking a vehicle directly reflects the cost of the car, its size, the difficulty (and responsibility) in performing parking manoeuvres.
In addition to all these parameters often discordant even in a clear way, there are the "personal" evaluations for which a "small" machine can represent the "correct" subjective vision that identifies "small" a Smart (2,69 mt), or a "small" Jeep Wrangler (4,88 mt) if its owner is accustomed to the immense American spaces and its reference parameter are the most generous Pick-Upcoli.
Then define the parking prices on the subdivision of "small", "average", "big", "luxury", "Suv" etc.etc. is too subjective and can be misleading. Our prices start from 8€ for the first hour and 5€ for each next or partial hour until reaching 30€ which covers up to 24 hours actual parking included, also the Limited Traffic Zone fee (Smart fortwo and similar), up to 18€ for each hour or fraction up to a maximum of 83€ for 24 hours actual parking all included, also the Limited Traffic Zone fee, for Van or Top Car vehicles (Ferrari). To have specific information about the rate of your car please contact us.
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The service is complete, you only have to enter one of the two large entrance doors and immediately our boys will take care of your car, after regularizing the transit in the Limited Traffic Zone, sending the license plate to the Limited Traffic Zone Control Center.
When you decide to pick up your car, within a few seconds, you will be promptly prepared in front of the exit doors.
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