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Limited Traffic Zone

Access the Garage Ponte Vecchio, is simple:

  1. walk in the Limited Traffic Zone or in the pedestrian area of Piazza Pitti passing under the cameras;
  2. when you arrive in our parking lot the plate of your vehicle will be immediately registered and sent to Limited Traffic Zone Control Center to regularize transit in Limited Traffic Zone.

From the moment of registration, each entry into Limited Traffic Zone made in the previous three hours, will be regularized and there will be no problem of fines.
When you leave the parking lot, you won't meet other cameras, so you won't run into fines... but be careful ..... do not return to Limited Traffic Zone because registration of the plate made is not a permit to pass in the centerbut it only serves to regularize transit already carried out when you entered the "viet" area. The registration of the license plate authorizes what you did "before" and not what will happen "after".
In addition to regular roadworthiness control, there are roads that are courses reserved for public transport and only by bus and taxi or pedestrian streets, where transit is normally prohibited from any vehicle (with some specific exclusions).

If you walk these roads you will be subject to a fine.
The map attached all the free transit cameras and those reserved for buses and pedestrian roads that are not transitable.
Camera locations, free entry times, time validity of the ban and/or particular vehicle categories can change without notice following the provisions of the Municipality of Florence. For more security, always check the billboard present near the cameras and consult the website of the City of Florence.

The Limited Traffic Zone (Zona a Tcold Limitated) is a wide area subject to stringent access and stop restrictions.
It is in effect from Monday to Friday with hours 07:30 - 20:00 and Saturday from 07:30 to 16:00.
In the summer months, generally from the first Thursday of April to the first Sunday of October, the area is expanded and extended time.
For more information: site of the municipality of Florence
The Centre of Florence is a fragile place; UNESCO heritage, needs special attention and respect so that it can be handed down to future generations in all its beauty.
The City of Florence for many years, has regulated the access to the centre to private vehicles, making in fact the area transitable only to a restricted circle of authorized.
Among these authorized, access is allowed to park at the Garage Ponte Vecchio.
The entire area of the circulation (Limited Traffic Zone) is controlled by cameras marked by bright signs.