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Historical activities

Open in March 1952The Baldassari family has continuously managed the activity handing it down from generation to generation.
The Father Armando, together with the grandfather Year, have "tired up" an activity that is currently managed by children Andrea and Alessio waiting for their children Stefano, Gabriele, Francesco e Giulio.
A company that in the course of these first 70 years has been and it is still now, a historical point of reference for all those who have had the need to park in the middle of the historical center.
Hundreds of thousands of motorists have had until now the possibility to park in the middle of the historical center and in full Limited Traffic Zone ( Limited Traffic Zone) thanks to the continuous opening of the garage, challenging during the two centuries also heavy tests:
the flood of 4 November 1966;
the anti-pollution blocks of traffic of the 1990s;
the Limited Traffic Zone started in March 1995;
the collapse of the Lungarno Torrigiani of 25 May 2016 and the subsequent works protracted until 10 August 2018;
the complete closing from 12/03/20 to 05/05/2020 for the pandemic of Covid;
2020 and 2021 strongly conditioned in their drama by the more or less partial closures of shops and restaurants;
the energy crisis and the Russian/Ukraine war of 2022 and 2023........
Hard periods, sometimes hard, sometimes dramatic, but always faced with determination and with the firm will to get out of it!
This is the Garage Ponte Vecchio, tradition, determination, correctness, stubbornness and so much, so much desire to continue following the principles handed down by Santa Armando and grandfather Ermanno.