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We do not move vehicles to other places, cars are always parked inside the Garage Ponte Vecchio.

Contrary to many parking spaces located in the center that move cars in other external structures and distant even some KM, your vehicle always remains inside the Old Bridge Garage. No additional KM route from your car (consumption zero, we are an ecological parking lot), no unnecessary waiting for delivery, no "impossible operation" if you want to take something you forgot. Your car and everything you need awaits you in absolute rest; no races forged in the streets to be returned in time, no extra KM, no additional fuel consumption, no risk of fines or road accidents ....... also for your car a well-deserved relaxation......
Our employees are "true slaves", they are not "authists" more or less improvised driving cars in the city to transfer them from an internal parking to an external one. Garagisti whose only job is to park your car with care and absolute precision. Here we work on the centimeters, not on the kilometers and we are very attentive to the environmental impact: the cars are parked only inside the garage and when it is possible to carry out the parking manoeuvres "by hand", that is, we move them with the engine off pushing them. No "improved" drivers, but only professionals who take care of your car with absolute precision and accuracy.
We are so close to all the "most beautiful things" that if you have to leave purchases made or take something forgotten in your car, you can do it in a few minutes........ also because your vehicle is always here at your disposal.
Luggage storage is also not a problem, on the day of your departure, you can leave your luggage and continue your day without problems.
Located 50 metres from Ponte Vecchio, the main and blasoned entrance door to the historic center, our parking is reachable by means of wide and bright streets. The comfort and strategic position are among the (multiple) characteristics that make Single the Garage Ponte Vecchio. Within 700 meters you can admire the historical/artistic beauties of the "Roman square", the oldest and most prestigious part of Florence.

50 meters the Old Bridge;
150 Uffizi meters;
260 Palazzo Pitti
285 Piazza Signoria meters;
290 meters Palazzo Vecchio;
480 metres Bargello
650 Campanile meters of Giotto
663 meters Baptistery S. Giovanni
6. Duomo
690 meters Santa Croce

Many parking spaces exalt their proximity to the old town......... "just minutes" .... "easy to reach" ... "a few steps" ...... and away.
A few minutes ... as if the indications were only helpful to Usain Bolt (100 mt. 9,58 sec. 200 mt. 19,19 sec.) or to a small group of Olympic speedsters, .... but generally no one comes to visit Florence with the chronometer in hand and the track shoes. And then you will notice how long could become these milleantati "pochi" minutes of "transfer".
Walking shipped (without distractions, i.e. no windows and .... on low head), you will walk 100 meters in about 1 minute and a half. "Normally" this time can come decuplicated with a quiet walk, observing what we are facing, or, frequent case, there is a little crowd. Each calculations his time in relation to his podistic abilities. We do not promise you "absolute" or calculated "by" trying to beat the record of Bolt, we limit ourselves to providing you with certain data.
Whether you are interested in a "dive of culture" or eager to shop in the most exclusive griffate shops or in the most characteristic craft shops, or simply take a walk, you are in the right place.
Enjoy Florence without losing One minute in search of more or less distant parking spaces, without having to approach you by taxi or public transport: you have already arrived in full the historical centre and all the time at your disposal can be used for this unique experience, instead of spending it waiting for a bus or looking for a taxi. Your time is always precious, but on holiday it becomes precious; do not waste it in more or less long transfers, with more or less fast means, crowded or uncomfortable: you have the opportunity to be inside the center of Florence and to maximise every single moment of your experience.